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Data Governance

Data Governance Map
This tool helps Data Governance professionals design the Governance Model for their Enterprise.


Correlation Analysis
(data are purely hypothetical)


Interactive Database Analysis
(data are purely hypothetical)
mouseover outside ring to view relationship / dependency


Data Quality Analysis
(data are purely hypothetical)


Animated DODaF Training Material


Interactive Pie and Bar Chart


Data Visualization using FileMaker Pro

D3.js can be used together with FileMaker, or any other data source, to produce high quality vector charts in HTML. One technique in FileMaker is to compile an HTML page with embedded data to create a stand-alone page. This page can be viewed in a web view locally or online in the web browser using a web server.  If you prefer you can pull the data dynamically into your data viz using FileMaker’s CWP or use an alternative API to pull data from other sources.

While the built-in charting function in FileMaker is handy when it comes to creating complex and cutting edge interactive charts its not the best option. D3.js really raises the bar in a powerful and elegant way.

There is a very prolific community of D3 developers with lots and lots of examples online. The documentation is really good so you should be able to start creating your own data visualizations pretty quickly.

Here below are few examples of D3 charts which can be created with data from FileMaker and displayed in a web view. This can be done with or without FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Server Log Data
AngularJS and D3.js Charts
click the blue buttons to change the chart




FileMaker Support

As FileMaker Specialists we strive to provide you with the highest level technical support to ensure that your application delivers maximum results !



Hello, my name is Ben Marchbanks and FileMaker Support has been my focus, …well I’ll just say, for a very long time !
I created my first custom application using FileMaker 2.0 in the 80’s and from that point on I was hooked on the simplicity and power of this software. I used it to build the inventory and invoicing system for the business I started when I was 28.  Its now many solutions later, we both have matured, and what an amazing trip its been. I am really looking forward to next challenge !


As you might expect over time I have accumulated quite a diverse array of  projects in the portfolio.

  • BMW Manufacturing – a solution for mapping their Business Process and producing a 3’x 12′ printout
  • Fuji Film – an ISO document management system
  • State Licensing agency – management system for processing online applications through their life-cycle
  • National Camping association – membership management system
  • National Printing Company – production and scheduling system
  • International Plastics distributor – sales analysis and reporting system
  • National Institutes of Health – enhancements of existing system for web publishing and administrators dashboard
  • General Dynamics (USAMRIID) – custom application development and data visualization dashboard

filemaker One of the nice things about FileMaker is that it plays well with others. The capacity to integrate with other technologies makes it a great tool for small and large enterprises alike.  Is the ever changing fast paced world of new technologies its important to have someone with broad experience and knowledge on how to best leverage all available resources. Armed with a common understanding of your environment and resources we can work together toward meeting your business goal using the best possible solutions.

If you need any assistance with your FileMaker application or just have some questions, please contact me at ben at


Let Us Build Your Responsive Design Application

Responsive Design

What exactly does that mean ? Responsive to what ? Well its become a real challenge to deliver essentially the same user experience for all devices with just one body of programming code. Depending on the the device, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, Windows Devices, Laptop or Desktop the application will need to adapt to it’s environment and adjust to the available screen size dynamically.


Landscape or Portrait View

What’s more, mobile devices had the added twist of being able to rotate to either a landscape view or a portrait view. These dynamic changes have to also be accommodated in the application gracefully. Reformatting the content so it fits the view and continues to flow as expected.

Our team of web application developers are well versed in the latest Open-Source technologies which aid in the production of Responsive Design Applications. This significantly reduces the life-cycle costs and opens the door to vast resources which support your application.

Do you have an idea ?


Share your napkin doodle with us ! We love to discuss concepts and really we enjoy the brainstorming process that fans more oxygen to the spark so your idea can catch fire !

Mockups Are Fun Too

The Low- Fidelity Mockups which we create will give you a visual concept of your application for all the “views” required.


Our UI / UX Designers will create the appropriate graphic design which fully complies with your existing style-guide or we will create one for you. This ensures consistency across all your presentations including your web site, the new web application and any print media.

Once we have all your requirements and a profile of your user we will begin to define the data model of the information being processed and the wire-frame of the application architecture.  You need not work about all the technical details we will take care of these.

There Should Be No Surprises

Since we use the Agile development methodology you will be a fully active participant in this team effort. As the client you have to accept each product increment, i.e. current functional state of the application during development, before the team can proceed to the next backlog item, i.e. next function being added to the developing application. This methodology ensures that the application is fully functional continuously throughout development and there are no surprises at the end.


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