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As FileMaker Specialists we strive to provide you with the highest level technical support to ensure that your application delivers maximum results !



Hello, my name is Ben Marchbanks and FileMaker Support has been my focus, …well I’ll just say, for a very long time !
I created my first custom application using FileMaker 2.0 in the 80’s and from that point on I was hooked on the simplicity and power of this software. I used it to build the inventory and invoicing system for the business I started when I was 28.  Its now many solutions later, we both have matured, and what an amazing trip its been. I am really looking forward to next challenge !


As you might expect over time I have accumulated quite a diverse array of  projects in the portfolio.

  • BMW Manufacturing – a solution for mapping their Business Process and producing a 3’x 12′ printout
  • Fuji Film – an ISO document management system
  • State Licensing agency – management system for processing online applications through their life-cycle
  • National Camping association – membership management system
  • National Printing Company – production and scheduling system
  • International Plastics distributor – sales analysis and reporting system
  • National Institutes of Health – enhancements of existing system for web publishing and administrators dashboard
  • General Dynamics (USAMRIID) – custom application development and data visualization dashboard

filemaker One of the nice things about FileMaker is that it plays well with others. The capacity to integrate with other technologies makes it a great tool for small and large enterprises alike.  Is the ever changing fast paced world of new technologies its important to have someone with broad experience and knowledge on how to best leverage all available resources. Armed with a common understanding of your environment and resources we can work together toward meeting your business goal using the best possible solutions.

If you need any assistance with your FileMaker application or just have some questions, please contact me at ben at

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